Peak Classic Trials Club

Pre 65, Twinshock and Pre95 ACM Trials in the Peak District. We are Peak Classic Trials Club your Sidecar free zone.







































































































































Classic Expert British Bike

1st        Colin Ridgeway

Expert Twinshock

1st        Louis Bennett

Classic Expert Twinshock

1st        Rob Mycock

2nd     Anthony Sprinks


Intermediate Twinshock 

1st        David Pattison

2nd       Gary Martin

3rd        Andy Craven

Classic Intermediate British Bike

1st        Paul Beswick

2nd     Mick Sheldon

Clubman British Bike

1st        Arthur Tomkinson

2nd     David Pickering

Clubman Twinshock

1st        Martin Rickman

2nd     Andy Wright

3rd      Anthony Fagan

Clubman Pre95 Air Cooled Mono

1st        Barrie K Rodgers                   

Over 60’s Championship

1st      Barrie K Rodgers

2nd     Arthur Tomkinson

3rd      Mick Sheldon

Peak Classic Trials Club award winners 2017 season

Intermediate Pre 95 Air Cooled Mono

1st      Magnus Roche

Clubman O 50’s on Moderns

1st      Cliff Richards

2nd     Anthony Harris

The presentation of the awards for the 2017 season will take place at the Miners Standard Inn, Winster.

This will be on 25th February following on from Round 2 of the 2018 Club Championship which will be at Burrycliffe Quarry. The raffle will also be drawn after the awards presentation. Please scroll down for members eligible by competing in 8 rounds or more over the 2017 season.

Members whose names will be entered into the hat for the raffle draw


Louis Bennett                                       Stephen Brook                                     Roger Cockburn

Nick Colledge                                       Andy Craven                                         Andrew Dickinson

Anthony Fagan                                    Anthony Harris                                     Gary Martin

Robert Mycock                                     David Pattison                                      Dave Pickering

Cliff Richards                                         Martin Rickman                                    Colin Ridgeway

Andrew Rivington                                Magnue Roche                                    Barrie K Rodgers

Mick Sheldon                                       Tony Sprinks                                         Arthur Tomkinson

Andrew Wright