2021 Year review

Well the most used phrase in 2021 was “ we got away with it again “ I cant help but think that the Trials Gods have been looking down on us this year ! When it has rained it seemed to be either before a trial or just after, the Sun has shone on us at every opportunity and to the best of my knowledge no one caught Covid by attending one of our events. There have definitely been some challenges, completing an 11 page Risk assessment before every trial, working out where we can Distance park at our venues, having to embrace some new technology. 

Some of the enforced changes have made a huge difference to how the trials have run, setting riders off in groups has speeded up the trials, reducing queuing to a minimum, and making the Observers lives much easier. Interestingly many riders have commented that they have made new friends by riding together, something they would never have done pre-pandemic. The online booking means we know who is coming and how many we have riding a particular route, and can pre-populate the results spreadsheets. All of which we will keep doing going forwards. 

We are massively fortunate in having a great set-out team, Andy and his men have produced some really great sections this year and most importantly done so with incredible consistency, making all the options available in one section really isn’t easy. The team though works best when everyone gets together and the process flows along, with some incredible banter. 

No review would be complete with out mentioning our Landowners, we really are so lucky to be able to ride at some stunning venues in the beautiful Peak District and so fortunate to have such great guys allowing us to use their land. It really should not be taken for granted. Lastly a massive thanks you to all the ladies and Gents who have observed for us this year, it really makes a massive difference to how the trials run and the feel of the whole event, again we have been fortunate to be virtually fully observed all year. 

2022 season notes 

(1) Tie break rules. Two or more riders tying will receive the same points for that position, with the next placed rider getting the point for the next numerical placing. So 2 riders tie for 1st place, both get the full championship points, the second placed rider will get the points for third. In the event of a tie in the championship standings after the last trial in November , it has been decided to run a “RIDE OFF” at the December presentation trial, this will involve the riders who are tied riding three selected sections until a clear winner is evident, it is to be run prior to the start of the main trial so all riders can watch. 

(2) Club Championship– it has been decided to have 10 championship trials over the year, with one being a Trophy trial, and the December trial being the presentation trial. The minimum number of trials to be considered for an award has been reduced to 6 with the ability to drop 4 rounds ( all 6 must be in one class to be eligible) from the 10 championship trials.