Peak Classic Trials Club

The home of British Bike, Twinshock and Pre 95 air cooled monoshock trials in the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District. We are Peak Classic Trials Club and this is your sidecar free zone !

Some of our members at play. Photos care of Eric Ruthenberg


Welcome to the Peak Classic Trials Clubs website.

If you have anything for sale or wanted, Bike or Trials related only please, then just e mail it and I will try to include for you in for sale and wants. I would appreciate it if you would tell me when it is sold.

Please see the About us page for in depth information on classes, routes and awards for the 2017 season.


Peak Classic Trials Club would like to thank PB Trialsport for sponsoring some of the classes in our 2017 Club Championship.



PB Trialsport are proud to be associated with Peak Classic Trials Club.


Our van will be at all the Peak Classic events for all your spares and accessories needs from tyres to oils and clothing we are there for you where you need us.†


PB Trialsport for† Michelin and IRC tyres and tubes, PJ1 oils, NGK spark plugs, Venhill cables, Domino throttles and levers, Renthal bars and chains, Wolfsport clothing and helmets, Apico, agents for Sammy Miller products, also suppliers of mudguards boots gloves and Alan Whitton Race Engineering products along with our own exclusive components.


PB Trialsport for parts that perform.

News for the 2017 Club Championship season

All fully paid up members who score points in 8 rounds or more will be entered into the Club Championship prize draw. Prizes donated by PB Trialsport. 1st prize an IRC tubed rear tyre. 2nd prize a Michelin front tyre. 3rd prize Michelin front and rear inner tubes. 4th prize a pair of alloy universal levers. 5th prize a pair of Renthal grips.

Can ALL riders please remember to hand in their riding numbers at the end of the trial ! Thank you.

Changes for 2017 at Peak Classic

To try to increase the numbers of bigger bikes taking part in the Club Championship and also to try to cater for machines that seem to have been forgotten and the owners of which feel that rightly or wrongly they are at a disadvantage when riding against some of the more highly modified British Bikes around nowadays. We therefore decided to introduce the following changes for the 2016 season. We will along with bonus points for British bikes over 351 cc be introducing a class for bikes from the late 60ís and early 70ís that have been languishing in sheds and the only time they have seen the light of day recently is at shows. So dig out those old bikes that were so commonplace in those far off days and come along for a fun ride out with the Peak Classic Trials Club based in and around Matlock in the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District. The new class, which will be called Forgotten Era, has been sponsored by PB Trialsport who have donated the trophies for the Championship.


British Bikes

From January 1st 2017 all riders of machines in this class over 351cc will receive 2 bonus Championship points per event in addition to their normal Championship points score. This applies to all routes.


From January 1st 2017 all riders of rigid machines in this class will receive 3 bonus Championship points per event in addition to their normal Championship points score. This applies to all routes.



Forgotten era.

 A class for twinshock machines from the late 60ís and early 70ís that have been passed over and were considered uncompetitive for use in the current Twinshock class. Eligible machines to use the following engines.


Jawa, Minarelli, Puch, Sachs, Suzuki and Zundap



Alta, Cotton, Dalesman, Dot, Gaunt, Greeves, McLaren, Saracen, Sprite and Wassell

Also eligible will be Pre 70 model year  Bultaco 4 and 5 speed, Pre 70 model year Montesa and OSSA, Pennine only.


Bikes to be generally as produced. Handlebars, levers, controls and footrest position may be altered. Current trials tyres, no tubeless allowed unless used with a tube, and shocks can be used. Plastic mudguards also allowed. Alloy rims allowed. Hubs and front forks to be era specific although internal mods are allowed i.e. springs, damping and brake materials. No discs drum brakes only.


To be held mainly over the Clubman route but if riders so desire then bonus points of 3 for Classic Intermediate, 5 for Intermediate, 7 for Classic Expert and 9 for Expert route in addition to their Championship points score on the route. All as current Over 60ís Championship.


If you are unsure about machine eligibility then please ask the Clerk of the Course / Trials secretary prior to the start of the event. Machines that contravene the eligibility criteria will be moved to the Twinshock class of the relevant route and will therefore score Twinshock Championship points.


Club Membership added benefits for 2017


We are always looking for new ways to reward our members with added value. Well for 2017 any member entering 10 events or more will qualify for free membership for 2018. This ONLY applies to fully paid up members of the club and is to recognise their loyalty in choosing to ride with us in these very challenging times. WE AT PEAK CLASSIC REALLY DO APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT AND WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AT ALL OUR ROUNDS THIS YEAR. Your support is very important to us.

Very important scroll down to the bottom of the page for some very important news about changes for the 2017 season. Especially new added benefits for club members.

Club membership now due for the 2017 season. Cost £12. Along with reduced entry fees remember only fully paid up members can score Championship points and only fully paid up members are eligible for the raffle at the end of the year.

Entries for the 2016 season raffle


The following members have qualified by riding on 8 or more occasions in the 2016 season. Raffle will be drawn at the prize giving after Rd 2 on February 26th. Raffle winners must attend to collect their prize otherwise it will be redrawn.


Peter Austin, Nick Colledge, Simon Currie, Andrew Dickinson, Michael Fletcher, Steve Fletcher, Oliver Foulke, Tony Fray, Anthony Harris, Gary Martin, David Pattison, Barrie K Rodgers, Cliff Richards, Martin Rickman, Tony Shaw, Simon Smith, Anthony Sprinks, Arthur Tomkinson.

For details of 2016 Championship winners along with the raffle prize winners and photos go to the Events page now.